Clear skin program

Clear skin programThis 8 week prescription program was designed by Cosmetic and Laser Dermatologists for the treatment of mild acne scarring and for patients seeking to improve their skin texture and tone. A combination of medical grade creams, AHA peels and Red light LED forms the basis of the program.

The Clear Skin Program in more detail

This program can be incorporated into your acne treatment regime at anytime once acne is under control. The program is a 3 step process.

Step 1. Prescription Vitamin A creams.

Vitamin A creams help by reducing any acne outbreaks and also assist the skin to repair scars by stimulation of collagen. It can also assist in shedding the outer layer of the skin.

Step 2. Acne light treatment.

We incorporate a scientifically proven Low Emission Laser treatment know as LED or acne light treatment. Red light is delivered by a Class 3 Laser source over 8 minutes to the treated areas. Unlike laser light, Low Emission Laser Light does not generate heat, and is painless. Treatments are delivered every two weeks for a total of four treatments.

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Step 3. Glycolic acid or AHA peels

These are performed every 2 weeks- alternating with the Low Emission Laser treatments. Chemical peels improve skin texture, and assists in the shedding of the upper layers of skin. At higher concentrations AHA chemical peels also stimulate dermal collagen- improving acne scars. Chemical peels take 10 minutes to perform with no patient down time.

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